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Welcome to Angel Messengers

The Angels  have been inspired to guide you

through life!


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Benita Jayne was first introduced to Angels through Diana Cooper's  book "A Little Light on Angels" and then discovered the Angel cards and books of Doreen Virtue.


Inspired by the Angel Cards Benita Jayne began to paint Angels and was then asked by the Angels to write a book for children.  The book was channeled over a very long time and eventually was self published as an e book and later as  a paperback.


Benita loves to work with the Angelic energy for healing and meditation. The Angel cards have been designed and written using the angelic characters from the Angel Messengers "The Sacred Crystal Pyramid" book.


Please feel free to use the Angel Cards as  often as you like there is no charge ever. There are two different styles of  card readings  to choose from.


The free Angel Card messages can be used everyday to guide you, your friends and family.


Follow the Angel characters and find out about their adventures in the fantasy adventure book "The Sacred Crystal Pyramid".  The book  is available on Amazon as a paperback or e book.


With Angel Love, light and Blessings



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