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Yasmine - Fortune Angel 

Colour​ - Purple

Stone - Amethyst

Qualities - Inspiration & Creativity


Yasmine is the Fortune Angel call on her when you need inspiration.  She will help with ideas and creativity in all areas of your life.


​Ask for Yasmine to help you find your true pathway. She will guide  you to develop your natural abilities, dreams and goals.

Arshia - Crystal Angel

Colour -Pink

Stone - Pink Quartz

Qualities - Caring & Loves the Planet 


Arshia is the Crystal Angel she can help you care for your environment. She will bless the place where you live. Arshia looks after the earth especially the crystals and gems recharging and energising them with angel energy.


Celesty - Healing Angel

Colour - Green
Stone - Emerald
Qualities - Healing, Caring & Nurturing


Celesty is the Healing  Angel ask her to help when you need healing. She will send you Angelic healing balls of energy to calm and make you feel at ease.

You can also ask Celesty to send healing to your family, friends and any animals that need her help.

Azabelle - Light Warrior Angel

Colour - Silver
Stone - Diamond
Qualities - Transformation and guidance


Azabelle is the Training light warrior Angel who transforms the dark into light. Call her when you are afraid she will send angel light to guide you.


Ask Azabelle to help your family and friends especially when they are having difficulties.

Saffron - Sun Angel

Colour - Orange
Stone - Amber
Qualities - Shines golden  light to inspire


Saffron brings a ray of sunshine when you need help with creative ideas . She lights up the way for you with inspiration adding golden light to a project.


Ask Saffron to help you when you need help with your ideas and creative inspiration.

Sophia - Love Angel

Colour - Rose Pink
Stone - Rose Quartz
Qualities - Encourages you to love yourself and others


Sophia sends love energy to help heal your heart. She will help you to learn to forgive and love yourself.


Ask Sophia to help you when feel alone and unhappy. She will help you to appreciate all your special loving qualities.

These are some of the Angels from the Angel Messengers book The Sacred Cystal Pyramid. Discover their qualities and ask them to guide you.

Oriana - Water Angel

Colour - Turquoise
Stone - Aquamarine
Qualities - Helps to release emotions


Oriana uses angelic water to soothe and comfort when emotions feel

deep hurt.


Oriana can help calm  your emotions. Ask for help to share your feelings with trusted friends and family

The Angels

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